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The Art of Being Well

Oct 21, 2021

“Beauty is not one type.” In this inspiring and entertaining episode, leading functional medicine expert Dr. Will Cole sits down with Molly Sims - actress, model and philanthropist. Getting into the fashion industry after leaving her rural childhood town, immersed an industry that valued how thin you were over true health. Throughout her amazing career, she discovered how finding vibrant wellness was the secret to radiant beauty on the inside and out. Tune in to discover Molly’s personal growth and development in the fashion and film industry, and learn the significance of truly embracing the art of being well. Learn more for your free 1-year supply of Vitamin D and 5 free travel packs with you first purchase. for 40% off unlimited access to the entire library. for 25% off your first order. with code BEINGWELL for a free one-month trial with access to live and on-demand classes.


Produced by Dear Media