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The Art of Being Well

Oct 7, 2021

Can alcohol be healthy or not? If so, what’s the best kind and how much? You will know the answers after this episode!  Leading functional medicine expert, Dr. Will Cole sits down with Todd White - entrepreneur and founder of Dry Farm Wines. Learn about the dirty secrets in the wine and alcohol industry, learn the differences between organic, natural, and domestic wines and tons of biohacking health tips and tricks to living your best life. Learn more: with code WILLCOLE for 20% off your purchase, now through 12/31/21. for 5% off site-wide plus free shipping when you purchase a Fasting Tea bundle. with code will at checkout for 10% off a one-time purchase or 25% off first month of subscription. for 25% off your first order. with code drwill for 15% off your first order.


Produced by Dear Media