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The Art of Being Well

Jul 15, 2021

In this fascinating and empowering episode, leading functional medicine expert Dr. Will Cole discussed all things mold toxins or mycotoxins. Toxic mold is a trigger for a multitude of inflammatory issues such as autoimmunity, chronic fatigue and so much more. Mycotoxins can even aggravate and complicate numerous other health problems and can be a missing link to healing. Join Dr. Will Cole as he goes over the many different types of mold toxins, and how it has many negative reverberations on our brain, immune system, gut health, hormones and so much more. Learn about the best mycotoxin labs, specific supplement protocols, high mold foods to avoid and the best diet to eat if you are struggling with mold toxicity. Learn more at for $15 off your first order for 5% off site-wide plus free shipping when you purchase a bundle for 10% of during your first 3 months with code WILLCOLE for 15% off your order today


Produced by Dear Media