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The Art of Being Well

May 27, 2021

In this exciting episode, leading functional medicine expert Dr. Will Cole discusses all things gut health. The importance of a healthy gut microbiome cannot be overstated and many lifestyle behaviors, toxic exposures, and dietary choices can compromise gut health, and that can lead to many downstream health issues such as autoimmune conditions, anxiety, depression, skin health, fatigue, thyroid and other hormone problems and more. The trillions of microbes in your gut are the manufacturers and managers of how you look, feel, and think. Researchers are discovering just how much it regulates just about every system of your body and in this episode Dr. Will Cole goes over everything you need to know about microbiome health to help guide you on your gut health journey! The age-old Hippocratic saying goes, “All disease begins in the gut,” so let’s dive in and discuss the vastness of the microbiome to unlock your best health yet.

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