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The Art of Being Well

Oct 11, 2021

Leading functional medicine expert, Dr. Will Cole answers one of your health questions at the end of every episode but this episode we are devoting almost a whole episode to the fan favorite Ask Me Anything! - and this time Dr. Cole’s entire lead functional medicine patient team is joining him! In this exciting bonus episode, Dr. Cole and his patient team sit down for another behind-the-scenes look at a busy functional medicine telehealth center and answer some of your frequent health questions. We dive into our favorite snacks, supplements, and trends; the Ketotarian diet, and some common lab tests and blood work.  We also dive into another patient case review, this one is centered around healing from the underlying gut health problem SIBO, for you to get a deep dive perspective of a functional medicine approach to reclaiming your health. for $15 off your first order. with code WILLCOLE for an additional 15% off your first order. for your free 1-year supply of Vitamin D and 5 free travel packs with your first purchase. with code will at checkout for 10% off of one-time purchase or 25% off first month of subscription.


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