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The Art of Being Well

Nov 11, 2021

In this fun and insightful episode, leading functional medicine expert, Dr. Will Cole, sits down with his friend, Amanda Chantal Bacon - leader in global wellness, creator and founder of Moon Juice. Her brand-new book The Moon Juice Manual is designed to welcome comfort food into your kitchen, while synergistically working to find balance within your mind-body health. Made from adaptogenic blends of mushrooms and herbs, the Moon Juice recipes embrace a fun, transformative, and refurbishing take on your gut and wellness. Dig in as we break down the science behind adaptogens, and discuss their revolutionary role in crafting a new-age of approachable recipes. Learn more: to claim your free LMNT sample pack for a free one year supply of vitamin D and to give AG1 a try code WILLCOLE for 20% off you order or use code WILLCOLE at checkout for $15 off your first public goods order

Produced by Dear Media.