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The Art of Being Well

May 26, 2022

Master wellbeing educator Devi Brown, dives into the unique mental health struggles faced by the BIPOC community and steps for all of us to overcome generational trauma and exactly how it impacts our health. Plus, we go on a deep-dive into meditation and other fascinating self-care practices as healing tools. Learn...

May 19, 2022

Certified brain-health coach Kayla Barnes, peels back the curtain on biohacking and how you can use scientific-backed tools to take control of your cognitive function for optimal brain function for your mood, memory and mental health. Learn more:



May 12, 2022

Meditator, poet and speaker Diego Perez (aka Yung Pueblo) takes us on a fascinating journey of self-discovery through the pursuit of self-healing and self-love. He also shares his wisdom with us on how to utilize meditation and spiritual practices for mental, emotional and physical healing.



May 9, 2022

Leading functional medicine expert Dr. Will Cole sits down with his telehealth clinic team to answer all your questions on addressing mental health through functional medicine with supplements, mental health labs, the latest brain health research and foods to focus on. Learn more:



May 5, 2022

The “Body Whisperer” herself, Lauren Roxburgh, takes us on a journey to holistically heal our bodies with restorative movement, nature therapy, and realigning the mind-body connection. We also learn why pain might actually be a good thing and how you too, can use it to your advantage for thriving health. Learn more:...